So, today’s word is Enter, and first I was going to use this day to work on the intro to the song, but I already have the Intro. SO then I was going to make a video tour of my studio, but my “studio” is about 5 square feet. Not much to see. So I thought I’d just talk about what I’ve learned so far.

The main thing that people misunderstand about this project is my motivation. A few people I’ve told about it have offered suggestions for more ways to get people to listen, or more ways to monetize it. But that assumes that what I want out of this is to get famous or rich or exposure. This whole thing is a learning experience, and what I call “cultivating affection.” See, a while ago, I was thinking about music and I realized. I don’t like making music, I like having made music. And I realized that, for me, there are three stages to any artistic process. Creation, collection, and exhibition. And I only really have any heart for Collection. I want a bunch of songs that I’ve written, but I don’t want to go through the work of writing them and I certainly don’t want anybody to hear it. This is a way to get myself more interested in and therefore more excited about creating music.

Also, if there’s anything to learn from my previous recording efforts, it’s that I have a lot to learn (no one needs that much reverb). And, since I can’t really afford the time or the money of going to school for recording, I’m just going to learn by doing. And as for why I do it every morning, it’s partly because if I didn’t have to do it every single day, I’d forget or slack off, and mostly because anything worth doing is worth doing all the time.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that the time shows. The more time you put into something, the better it will be, as a rule. If you listen to a song you made over and over, eventually it will become boring to you. Then you add something to make it interesting again, and so on and so on, until either it’s the best it can be, or you run out of time.

Also, don’t let anybody tell you that making good guitar tone is easy. I have a Pod 2.0, which it turns out is great for metal? But for lo-fi dude-rock, it kind of fizzles out, unless you know what you’re doing, which—as should be obvious by now—I really don’t. If I could make actual noise in my house, I bet I could get it sounding pretty good. But the reason I consistently refer to everything on this site as “electronic music” is because I have to make it all on my computer, with headphones as my only reference. It works out though, because I bet all of you are listening on headphones, too. All, maybe, 10 of you. All guitar/bass is routed through the Pod, all instruments are synthesized, and all vocal recordings are either whispered or done the evening before. In a way, you could call it “Silent Music.”

In other news, the trick I imagine I’ve been playing on you comes to an end tomorrow, and as this completes another “disc,” I’ll be taking the rest of the week off to celebrate.

I leave you now with a picture of the music of tomorrow’s track.

That's a lot of stuff, huh?