Yes, you’ve been following along. You’ve been there from the beginning. The dizzying heights, the boring lows. Now, relive your favorite Early Morning Electronic Music moments with this essential collection of I think about an hour of your (my) favorite tracks. 18 of the least useless songs from one of the 21st century’s artists. Play it at parties, and you’ll always have something to say during awkward silences. Tell them each song only took, like, two hours to make, and your friends will nod and sip their drinks! Send it to record labels or musicians and tell them they should give me a job! The choice is yours!

“The Comparatively Greatest Hits” also makes a great gift. What better way to celebrate your child’s college graduation than with a bunch of music I made? Plus, it’s great for birthdays, bar mitsvahs, and other people’s CD release parties!

Don’t wait, get it today!